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Next Level Hemp Extract

Made For You

Hemp extract products that suit your needs. Our whole spectrum hemp extract delivers a full profile of cannabinoids including CBD to give you superior health benefits.

What Can QEMP Do for You?

Maintain Focus

Get in the zone, stay in the zone

Feel Calm

Namasté for your toughest days

Boost Energy

Cellular primed and ready to go

Improve Rest

Wind down after a full day

Increase Relief

Relief is on the way

See what’s


Qemp is sustainably sourced, effective and designed to be part of your day to day support. We believe in total transparency, use our traceability tool to see what’s in your hemp extract, including CBD and other cannabinoids.

Quality is Our Obsession

In order to be the best, you have to test better than the competition. For us it’s simple: If it’s not good enough for QEMP, it’s not good enough for you.

Unbeatable Cellular Results

QEMP crushes the top competitors in ECS biological activation.

CBD + Herbs Synergy

Breakthrough formulations boost endocannabinoid activation beyond hemp alone.

Whole Spectrum Power

Only QEMP provides optimal levels of every phtytocannabinoid to maximize performance.

Love QEMP? Get Rewarded.

Influencers are engaging in deeper and more meaningful ways with their audiences through their own personal experiences with QEMP products.